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Getting Started

  1. Run mSpy.UI.exe
  2. If this is your first time connecting all the fields will be blank
    1. Server name: http://server:port is the format
    2. Deployment type: currently only On-Premise and IFD is supported
    3. Domain: name of your domain, please note to run this application you need to be a deployment administrator as well as a system customizer
    4. Username: your domain username
    5. Password: your password
  3. Click on Connect (screenshot above shows it as 'Wait...')
  4. Once the connection is successful the Organizations dropdownlist will be populated with all the organizations you have access to
  5. Click on OK

Spying on CRM

Once the connection is successful you'll be able to select entities, messages, stages, modes and pipelines to spy on. Before we get started there are couple of important things to note:

  • Your CRM server must be able to connect to your machine, the reason being that the application sets itself up as a tcp server, when events are triggered by CRM mSpy listens and gives you a breakdown of the data.
  • If you'd like to listen on all entities simply leave the Entity column blank, all other columns are required.

Step by Step

  1. Select an entity from the Entity column if you want to spy on a specific entity, otherwise leave it blank
  2. Select the message you'd like to spy on, eg: Create
  3. Select the stage, mode and pipeline
    You can listen to multiple messages, stages, modes and pipelines by specifying combinations on the grid above
  4. Next select your IP address from the "Allow incoming connections on:" dropdownlist, this IP address must be reachable by your CRM server, otherwise it will not work
  5. Specify a port, default is 7894
  6. Click on Start

Once you've clicked Start the application will register a hook into CRM and wait for events. See an example below




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